Ethical Hacking

Virtue Security is an innovative ethical hacking team devoted to application security. Our vulnerability assessments follow a unique manual process designed to identify hidden vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure. We understand that every application is different and brings with it the need for careful consideration of the specific security implications it may introduce. Ethical hacking is our passion; by combining this dedication with years of professional experience we can identify critical threats before your applications are exposed to malicious parties.

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Healthcare organizations face extraordinary security challenges. Complex workflows, rapidly evolving technology, and diverse application ecosystems make security in healthcare unlike any other industry. Virtue Security understands the critical nature of healthcare data and can better identify critical vulnerabilities before others do.



Financial Services

Our testing goes far beyond running the latest security tools. Application penetration testing is an art that requires unique consideration for every business and application. Our methodologies are built to include extensive manual analysis of application business logic, the controls that protect them, and the data they handle. By taking a holistic approach to application vulnerability assessments we identify more vulnerabilities that are critical to your business.




Virtue consultants are passionate about security and have a wide range of specialties. To find out more on the Virtue Security process and how it may be able to help you, please contact us at

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